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Come join the journey to Chaco Canyon October 6-8! It’s a holiday weekend…led by a family of Tesuque Pueblo who consider Chaco to be ancestral homeland. Time alone and time with a wonderful group of fellow travelers. All meals prepared for your at campsite…and all for a very affordable price. Registration deadline is September 6.

At an elevation of 6,200 feet, Chaco is a high desert, sun-scorched in the summer and bitterly cold in the winter. Despite these harsh conditions, evidence of human presence in the area stretches back to as early as 2900 BC. These groups were largely nomadic, until around AD 200, when the first farmers settled in the area and built small pit houses.

The great kiva complex at Pueblo Bonito

Then in roughly AD 850, a great change took place. The people began building in a radically different manner, constructing massive stone buildings unlike any that had been built before. These structures soared to four or five stories and contained up to seven hundred rooms and dozens of mostly circular underground ceremonial rooms.

The architecture was a feat of engineering, often built along celestial alignments, they included water-collection systems and were linked to outlying communities by an extensive network of roads. These elaborate buildings evidence a sophisticated and highly organized culture, with Chaco Canyon at its center.

Here’s more about the Earth Walks to Chaco Canyon, NM October 6-8, 2018:

What you can look forward to on the journey:

  • Those who enjoy the company of fellow travelers as well as time for private reflection
  • A fascinating evening presentation on the archeoastronomy of Chaco and views of distant objects in space through the visitor center observatory
  • Guided walks and talks by Pueblo people through buildings sites
  • Time on your own in the canyon
  • Tasty meals prepared for you at the campsite
  • Evening sharing around a fire

Transportation is by carpooling.  Lodging is camping or camper truck/van. Participants responsible for own camping equipment.  No RV.

Cost:  $375   Includes guiding services, campsite fee, all meals.  Does not include  transportation to and from the Canyon, entrance fee per car ($25)

For more information and how to register, contact: