The essence of EarthWalks

  • Creating community among people of diverse backgrounds and age
  • Fostering concern for future generations
  • Homecoming—knowing in our hearts that we are all native, indigenous members of one global family
  • Learning from service to others
  • Benefiting from time on the land and nature’s healing energies
  • Honoring the whole person—body, mind and spirit
  • Connecting to ancient wisdom deep within each of us
  • Increasing communication and learning skills on all levels
  • Restoring our physical and spiritual equilibrium
  • Sensing something larger than ourselves
  • Finding humor even amidst the challenges both personal and global
  • Understanding how all life can benefit from what we do individually
  • Discovering what sustains us and what brings joy
  • Taking time for silence to experience beauty all around and within
  • Series of multiple doorways inside Chaco dwelling


Contact EarthWalks to create your own special journey for yourself, family, friends or business group. For updates, activities and events contact: / Earth Walks, P.O. Box 8534, Santa Fe, NM 87504 USA