Amazing Mayan Pyramid Experience

mayan-ruins_ss_001_596x334On a recent Earth Walks visit to the Post Classic Mayan site of Maypan, a most amazing occurrence:  I was prompted to walk up to the top of the largest pyramid from the west side.  Stopping to quiet myself, I asked from which side should I begin my diagonal ascent.  Diagonal, because years ago I learned from the writings of a Mexican anthropologist that the ancient priests ascended in a diagonal fashion going up one side, then descending the opposite side in the opposite diagonal.  When these two patterns are then placed together, they form a diamond, the symbol on the back of the rattlesnake, one of the main cosmological symbols of the Mayan culture.  It has been said this forms a DNA pattern as well.

So, up slowly and prayerfully I go.  About halfway up, a bright flash of light in my eyes.  Looking down, I find a tiny silver fish that had come off someone’s bracelet or necklace.  The fish symbol was highlighted in an exhibit in the Mayapan entrance as being another of the main cosmological symbols.  I just “happened” to be there at that time of day, with the sun at exactly the right angle and at exactly the right step along the way for the reflection to meet my eye.  I consider it a great blessing, as well as the meditation that came to me on top.  In the meditation I recalled a talk given some time ago:  “It is said that the continuation of the human race is largely due to the quality of forgiveness.”  From the top of the pyramid to my heart and from my heart to the heart of all.  May we live in compassion, peace and harmony.

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New Research on Mesa Verde, Colorado

Mesa-Verde-National-Park-Cliff-Palace-2This may be of interest to you. I have been to Mesa Verde numerous times, once leading the Institute of Noetic Sciences on an EarthWalks tour of the Southwest area.  This research makes some inner sense to me.  If you or a group you know would like to create an EarthWalks journey, please let me know at
Mesa Verde
From the Journal of Archaeological Science, April 2014
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