Coming Home to Chaco Canyon–New Mexico July 27-29, 2018

(Pictured above:  Chaco Earth Walkers 2017; overlooking Pueblo Bonito)

Experience the power and mystery of this World Heritage site with the companionship fellow travelers.  The three day journey sponsored by Earth Walks of Santa Fe will be led by a Native American Pueblo elder who considers Chaco to be sacred ancestral homeland.  Time together includes guided walks through sites in the Canyon, solitude on the land and evening drumming, songs and storytelling.  Our first evening we will experience a full moon!

For over 2,000 years Pueblo people lived in the Chaco Canyon region which became the center for ceremonies, trade and political activity.  It is remarkable for its monumental buildings and distinctive architecture.  Both solar and lunar cycles were integrated into the architecture and huge building sites were in alignment with each other over many miles. Great straight roads radiated out from the center of the Canyon to distant outlying settlements.  For photos and more information about the Canyon go to  National Park Service

Cost: $280 (based on minimum 7 participants) Includes 5 meals, camp site and guiding services.  Does not include: transportation, entrance fee per car.

Registration and information contact: