Earth Walks to Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico

JUNE 20-22, 2019
The Pollination Dance by children of the Jemez Pueblo will be a wonderful part of this year’s gathering with Flower Hill Institute and Bodhi Manda Zen Center.  No words describe the joy experiencing this group of children offer prayers for the growing crops of the season.  Grandparents and other family members along with Earth Walks participants will be delighted by the dance which lightens the heart.

Join hearts and hands at Jemez Pueblo with the Flower Hill Institute farm, tending the land, planting heritage seeds and learning about traditional cultural values.  We will gather with the summer Pueblo youth camp, elders and other community members. Roger Fragua, director of the Institute farm said, “Farming with nature (the root of organic farming) lies at the heart of practices used by native farmers in the Southwest for millennia. Traditional cultural farming can teach us a great deal about how to build a resilient and regenerative agriculture.” A wonderful children’s butterfly pollination dance will celebrate our work in the fields.

A special part of the retreat will be with Abbess Hosen guiding the group in the practice of mindfulness in action as we assist in the beautiful organic gardens at the Zen Center.  Meditations in the zendo are an option as well. Lodging is dormitory style at Bodhi Manda Zen Center where there are relaxing hot springs alongside the Jemez River. A limited number of private rooms are available at additional cost.

$375 (two nights lodging and all meals)    Transportation  by carpooling.