Living in Harmony with Nature

4897240360_f6b69095e5_zCraig Childs, author of “The Secret Knowledge of Water,” has written another book called “Soul of Nowhere.” It is worth a read. Here in the Southwest US we come face to face with the bare Soul. The wind, sun, bare beautiful bones of the earth. Here is a passage from Craig’s book:
“This is the place (Native American desert location) where every disparate thread of life is gathered to a single point….This is a thing that humankind has always quietly wished for, a way of living that does not obstruct the path of nature, or even more, is not at all different from it. We want an enduring relationship with our surrounding world….What is here is a necessity that comes before food and shelter: the barest need of life, to be awakened.”

Earth Walks, based in Santa Fe,  New Mexico can help you create this kind of experience in the American Southwest. Contact us at to explore where your inner journey can take you.

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