Full Moon, Canyon de Chelley

canyon-chelly spider rockSpider Rock at Canyon de Chelley, Arizona…an awesome sight at any time of the year, day or night.  EarthWalks will be traveling to this spectacular red rock canyon on Full Moon, November 6 2014.  We will journey through this part of the Southwest not on a typical “tour” but as pilgrims on sacred travel.  From Santa Fe, New Mexico we take a spectacular route around the Jemez Mountain Range, cross the Chama River near Abiqui (the home of the late artist Georgia O’Keefe) and Ghost Ranch.  We will be under the gaze of Tsi Ping mountain (known to the Spanish as Pedernal), a site sacred to Native Americans in the area.  Here is a photo:

DSC02377It is said that some Dine or Navajo people believe this is the home of Changing Woman, the mythical figure who was responsible for many transitions in life, including the seasons:


On past Chaco Canyon, then driving close to the mythical Shiprock, a volcanic feature that resembles not a ship but rather a huge bird with outstretched wings…relating to the Dine/Navajo legend about this spectacular feature. Below is a photo of this great winged messenger:

Shiprock.snodgrass3Then it’s on to Canyon de Chelley for walks and talk with Dine Parks and Monument Rangers.  Stay tuned for a “broadcast” from the Canyon on Full Moon!  In the meantime, contact EarthWalks if you would like to create a journey in the American Southwest for you, friends, family or business group.  info@earthwalks.org

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